AI-Powered Software License Management Tool

Cubes is a Software License Management solution that allows companies of all sizes to track renewals, set custom alerts, and take control of subscription services all in one place. Cubes is a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution for Software License Management.

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Software License Management Powered by AI

Cubes hones in the power of AI to streamline tasks by collecting software license data, then organizing and sorting it to minimize user workload. Unlock efficiency and focus on what matters most with our innovative solution.

Manage all of your licenses
in one place

Cubes is a purpose-built Software License Management solution created to provide an easy-to-use, immersive, and user-friendly experience. It empowers end users to effortlessly manage license payments, gain keen software license insights, and data gathering in one central hub. Gain ultimate control for optimizing usage, slashing costs, and ensuring compliance.

Software License Management Features

Take Control of Your Licenses with Real-time Tracking, Custom
Alerts, and Seamless Subscription Management.

License Tracking

Cubes software license management tools allow your organization to easily track, monitor, and optimize software licenses.

License Dashboard

With Cubes software license manager, software asset management is fast and easy. You can get a real-time overview.

Save Money

Trim costs by monitoring unused licenses and get alerts when your licenses are available at reduced prices.

Software Audits

Stay ahead of software license compliance audits with our comprehensive software license monitoring and management solution.


With Cubes license management software, adding new software licenses as your organization grows is easy.

License Renewal

With Cubes software license management system, you don't need to visit software vendors for purchased licenses renewal

Notifications and Alert

Cubes software license management system secures your business with reliable notification alerts on underused and unused licenses

User Control

User Access Control, Ensure data Security with role-based controls. Regulate software access for authorized personnel only.


Connect with a Specialist

Begin saving your organization money from unused software, we’re ready to help.


Unveiling the Impact of Software License

Discover eye-opening statistics that shed light on SaaS applications. Uncover the untapped potential of unused
licenses and the financial impact of overspending. Optimize your software assets with Cubes, the ultimate
Software License Management solution.


The number off SaaS applications the average Tier-1 company uses


Average software waste by US Companies


Wasted in unused SaaS licenses every year


The amount an average company over spends on SaaS licenses

Unlock Insights with Our Whitepapers

Explore our whitepapers to gain valuable insights, empowering you to make informed choices regarding software license management, modern applications, and the Goldilocks zone of license optimization. Let Cubes be your trusted partner, simplifying license management and maximizing the value of your software assets.


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Why Get Cubes Today?

Efficient, Centralized, and Compliant License Management Made Easy.


Fast Onboarding and Quick to Learn

Cube software license management tool is intuitive and does not require lengthy training or any need for you to hire an IT team. You can sign up and start using our webapp on the same day.


Seamless Integration

CUBES seamlessly integrates with your existing software systems, ensuring a smooth transition and avoiding any disruptions to your current workflows.


Custom Notifications and Alert

Cubes software license management system secures your business with reliable notification alerts on underused and unused licenses as well as expiring licenses up to 90 days early. We make managing software licenses seamless for all for efficient end-user license agreement management.


Intuitive Dashboard

Get an instant snapshot of your software license status, upcoming renewals, and compliance level through our intuitive dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions section
to find answers to common queries:


What is Cubes Software License Management Tool?

Cubes is a comprehensive software license management tool designed to help organizations efficiently track and manage their software licenses. It provides a centralized platform for monitoring license usage, compliance, and renewal dates, ensuring maximum utilization and cost-effectiveness.


What is the significance of the Centralized License Dashboard in Cubes?

The Cubes dashboard was designed to deliver an easy-to-use, customizable, centralized control panel. It consolidates data, simplifies monitoring, and enables proactive updates, reducing manual effort. Cubes is an AI-enhanced dashboard that will soon allow users to speak and interact with it for easier use.


Can I renew software licenses directly through Cubes' platform?

Designed for maximum functionality, Cubes allows users to renew licenses in many cases. Users can login and pay for their license by clicking on "Renew" from our platform.


What is the key advantage to choosing Cubes Software License Management?

Leveraging AI, Cubes has the primary advantage of sorting and organizing data for users and delivers speed, accuracy, and scale. AI can process vast amounts of data rapidly, ensuring precision and consistency while freeing admins for more strategic tasks.


How does Cubes simplify scalability?

Cubes hones in the power of AI. AI simplifies scalability for software license management by automating tasks like license tracking, compliance checks, and data analysis. With AI, Cubes can handle increased data volumes effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and efficiency as your software ecosystem grows, without the need for extensive manual intervention.

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