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Workplace solutions created to significantly benefit your company. Our workplace solutions are carefully engineered to help companies streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Tangent offers three incredible workplace solutions for software license management, e discovery, and remote desktop.

Our workplace solutions help automate and streamline business processes, reduce manual labor and human error, improve communication and collaboration among employees, and enhance overall quality of work. Software license management keeps track of license due dates and expirations, e discovery facilitates records retrieval for legal proceedings, and remote desktop provides work-from-anywhere configurations. Our workplace solutions offer a high return on investment and can pay for themselves over time through cost savings and increased productivity.

Explore our Workplace Solutions:


Software License Management

Cubes is a software license management solution designed to simplify the process of tracking, managing, and enforcing the use of software licenses within an organization. Keeping track of the number of licenses purchased, the number of licenses in use, and the number of licenses that are available all within one program. Tangent has curated a software license management solution unlike any other.



E Discovery

Designed with reliability and simplicity at the forefront, Tangent has designed DataCove, a state-of-the-art, E Discovery solution that retains emails, files shared, and social media communications. DataCove E Discovery makes it easy to retrieve and organize stored emails, large files and social media messages, and provides a simplified solution for the retention of necessary data for record compliance standards. DataCove exceeds all of the E Discovery and investigatory needs of organizations to facilitate litigation or criminal proceedings.


Remote Desktop

Remote Access

Remote Desktop allows users to access and control another computer from a remote location. With Remote Desktop a user can view and interact with the desktop of another computer as if they were sitting in front of it. This can be useful for remote support, remote access to work computers, or for remote collaboration between team members. Remote Desktop creates flexibility for the workplace, allowing staff to work from anywhere.


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