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WebHawk is an all-in-one cybersecurity solution for organizations looking to protect their networks from outside intrusion, viruses, hacks, and ransomware.

WebHawk acts as a protective shield between the organization's computer and the threats of the cyber world. It includes additional features such as ISP load balancing, gateway antivirus, spam prevention, MITM attack prevention, and monitoring.

With WebHawk, organizations can rest assured their networks are well-protected from all types of internal and external threats, making it an effective and efficient cybersecurity solution.

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WebHawk Offers a Variety of Features

Content filtering, which blocks access to potentially objectionable or offensive material, protecting the user's computer from harmful content.

DNS filtering, which prevents malware, phishing, adult, porn, and offensive content, as well as emails containing links to infected web pages that could infect the organization's system or network. It also provides ad-free web surfing by preventing malicious data, malware, and scam ads.

Remote control capabilities administrators to monitor and control activities on client systems.

Intrusion detection and prevention systems constantly monitor the network, identifying potential incidents and logging information.

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