Medical Computers
for Healthcare

Medical computers designed for healthcare specific needs and customizable to conform precisely to unique applications. Tangent's medical computers are a step above the rest. Thoroughly engineered to provide leading-edge, reliable technology; our medical computers offer an array of necessary features, including fully washable units, antimicrobial housing for infection control, up to three hot-swap batteries for 24/7 operation and fanless units for virtually silent operation.


Engineered for reliability
3 hot-swap lithium batteries


Integrated NFC | Barcode
RFID | Rear-strap grip


UL60601-1 Certified
Touchscreen | Antimicrobial

Medical Computers Engineered to Medical Device Standards

Trusted by Leading Hospitals

Powerful, Reliable Medical Computers

It starts with the enclosure. Tangent medical computers leave no stone unturned. Our chassis are carefully developed for infection-control, offering antimicrobial surfaces. Precisely calibrated, our screens have been tested and certified water-resistant yielding washable and sanitizable surfaces. Underneath their outer shell, Tangent medical computers offer leading-edge technology such as an Intel CoreTM i7 4th generation processors including NVMe storage, RFID, and vPro.

Medical Computer Standards

Every medical computer must comply with the Medical Design Standards for Power Supplies. Generally referred to as either an IEC 60601 or UL-60601 certification, these standards ensure that all electronic equipment in hospitals are safe for use around other medical equipment and patient medical devices.

These standards further ensure that no electrical leakage or other potential hazards are present in the medical device. Medical computers are often in use 24/7 and these standards are among the most crucial feature in a medical computer. Every Tangent medical computer is UL-60601 certified for medical use, but that's only the beginning.

Medical Computer Features

Ensuring that your medical computer operates properly and can safely be used with other devices is one thing, but what about the saftey of your medical staff and patients? A medical computer can potentially become a breeding ground for bacteria when being used by various medical staff and infection-control is required.

Antimicrobial coatings are a solution to this. Each medical computer from Tangent has an antimicrobial coating to mitigate the growth of harmful pathogens on its surfaces. This allows for greater infection control throughout the day, while your medical computers are in use in between cleanings. Antimicrobial medical computers help reduce the risk of nosocomial infections.

Infection Control

Tangent's antimicrobial coating is only the first line of defense against pathogens in the hospital. Each medical computer from Tangent is also IP rated for water resistance. This IP rating ensures that healthcare staff can make use of traditional cleaning agents on their screens and other surfaces without worry of damage.

This resistance also extends to dust mitigation. Traditional computers feature fan-based cooling systems that quickly fill up with dust, leading to them requiring maintenance. Tangent's fanless cooling system creates a fully sealed housing for their computers, minimizing the amount of required maintenance needed.