• Tangent 13 inch tablet pc with capacitive touch screen and high performance, energy efficient Intel Core i7

    Medix T13
    13" Medical Tablet PC

  • Tangent Medix T13 with HDMI, USB ports, 2 programmable buttons

    Medix T13
    Programmable Buttons
    HDMI, USB, Gbit Ethernet

  • Tangent Medix T13 with easy to carry handle or x-hand  strap

    Medix T13
    Rubber Handle
    X-Hand Strap

Medical Tablet PC Features

13" Tablet features Intel Quad-Core 8th Gen CPU, hospital grade antimicrobial enclosure, Magnesium chassis, hot-swappable battery, anti-reflective coating and optional carrying handle. Other optional features include 1D/2D barcode scanner, dual band RFID reader with SSO support.

  13-inch Medical tablet with 8th Gen Core i5 or i7

8th Gen Quad-Core

Intel 8th Gen Core i7 or i5 CPU for performance and multitasking

Tangent Medix T13  medical tablet with antimicrobial enclosure


Hospital grade protection against microbes and surface contamination.

Tangent Medix T13 medical tablet built with Magnesium chassis

Magnesium Chassis

33% Lighter than Aluminum, Medix T13's Magnesium chassis delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Offers high impact resistance.

Tangent Medix T13 medical tablet with hot-swap battery

Hot-Swap Battery

Continuous operation with hot-swap battery feature.

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