Seamless Authentication for Medication Witness Workflows
Medication Witness
Tangent Medical Grade AIO Computers and Tablets
Due to the complexity of providing certain medications to patients, witness authentication and co-signing can be required to complete orders within the clinical workflow. In a time where providing fast, accurate patient care is top of mind for health care organizations, stopping to manually type a password to witness a medication can delay the care that is being provided. Tangent's Medical Grade AIO Computers and Tablets, equipped with SSO RFID, combined with Cerner Millennium® and integrated with Imprivata Confirm ID™ helps to provide a quicker, cleaner solution for Medication Witness Workflow.
Key Benefits
  • • Allows use of badge for more seamless, clean witness authentication
  • • Helps promote increased productivity with one-swipe access and reduces bad password habits
  • • Aids in decreasing Help Desk costs with less passwords to remember
  • • Helps reduce cross-contamination concerns with RFID attached or embedded
  • • Native integration with Millennium via Cerner Workflow Authentication
  • • Tangents Computers and Tablets are tested and approved by Cerner
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    Millennium Requirements
  • • Millennium 2015.01.36 or 2018.01 - Package(s) 160276, 160277, 99966
  • • Millennium LDAP Authentication
  • • Cerner Workflow Authentication License - Dependent on Regulatory Regional Requirements (more to come)
  • • Imprivata appliances & supported OneSign/Confirm ID version
  • • Confirm ID Clinical Workflows License
  • • Considerations
  • o Global Preference Setting in Millennium
  • o Enabled for ALL users, cannot be segmented to a group of users
  • o Users not enabled would cancel out of the Confirm ID dialogue box and authenticate manually
  • Question and Answers

    What if my organization has more than 1 badge used across the locations?

    The reader is dual band and should accommodate multiple badges. We are happy to check your specific needs.

    Can the device go on a cart?

    Yes, the unit can be mounted on a cart. Tangent works with most cart manufacturers and are happy to answer product specific questions.

    Are there specific products that are used to clean the devices?

    The casing has antimicrobial material witch prevents biomaterial and germs from growing and propagating, which aids in the fight of lowering patient infection rates. Proper cleaning helps prevent MRSA, SDIFF, Hepatitis, Flu, and other viruses from growing and spreading from patient to patient due to touch contamination by the healthcare worker. A list of these common hospital cleaners can be provided.

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