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Are you getting the most out of the Microsoft applications that you already have? Curious about trying new ones? Check out how you can test-drive Office applications with the guidance of a trained facilitator with no cost or obligation!

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Microsoft Azure and the Changing Landscape of Healthcare

As consumers continue to intertwine their lives ever closer with technology - cars with autonomous driving, phones with facial recognition, even refrigerators with inventory and time management features or lightbulbs that remember your daily routines - the healthcare industry is just now beginning to rapidly acclimate to the idea consumers want intelligent tech working to improve their lives.

One Pagers

Looking for materials that don’t fit in the other categories? We call those One Pagers and they are listed below.

CIE Explainer (Short)

Tangent is a Partner-of-the-Year nominated Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in Office 365 deployments and adoption. This is a short explainer of the Microsoft CIE process.

CIE Explainer (Long)

Tangent is a Partner-of-the-Year nominated Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in Office 365 deployments and adoption. This is a longer explainer of the Microsoft CIE process.

CSP vs EA Comparison

What is a CSP? A Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is an organization designated by Microsoft to resell and provide support for Microsoft software including, Office 365. What are my options outside of utilizing a CSP? The Enterprise Agreement (EA) has been the most popular method for purchasing and managing Microsoft software licenses, but this comes paired with a lot of costs and commitments that are often unnecessary.

Case Studies

Download and read through our various case studies below.

Pasco School District: Email Archiving

As a public body, it is essential for Pasco School District to be able to respond to public records requests quickly and accurately; and for many years, the District has comfortably met this requirement thanks to its DataCove on-premises email archiving solution from Tangent.

Murphy Medical Center: Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Murphy Medical Center strives to deliver the highest possible level of service to its patients, yet it was being held back by issues with its virtual desktop infrastructure. The Center’s outdated VDI system crashed several times a day, and even when it did work, performance was slow.

Oregon city logo

City of Oregon: MS Office 365

As its old email server approached end-of-life, Oregon City’s municipal government looked for a new and improved email solution that would be more cost-effective to maintain. Teaming up with Tangent, the City migrated to Office 365.

ZoomSystems: MS Office 365

ZoomSystems knew that it was walking on thin ice with its antiquated Microsoft 2003 Exchange email server - more than a decade old, the system could fail at any time and the consequences could be dire. Seeking peace of mind, ZoomSystems decided to take a proactive approach and upgrade its email server before problems

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