Industrial Computers

Industrial Computers

  • Stainless Steel Casings
  • Tempered Glass
  • IP66 Enclosures
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Rugged Mini PCs

  • Fanless Design
  • Wide Temp Range Operation
  • Shock , Vibration Resistant
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Popular Models
Tangent industrial computer models are
engineered to meet the technology needs of
various industries, including healthcare,
manufacturing, retail, agriculture, automobile,
and defense.

Models include touch panel industrial PCs and rugged mini computers. The
Tangent industrial panel PC models feature computers with touchscreen displays
for ease of use and versatility. Designed with leading industry CPU, memory, hard
drive, SSD storage, WiFi, and plenty of I/O ports, including legacy ports on some
models. Tangent can offer a standard PC model or a customized device to meet the
specific needs of your industry.

Industrial Touch Panel Computers

Industrial grade VITA KW, designed with a metal enclosure, comes standard with a sealed front panel to resist water and dust intrusion. This IP65-rated computer offers reliability, crucial for operation in a 24/7 environment. The VITA KW can be customized as a fanless industrial computer. A fanless PC has no moving parts making this touch screen computer ideal for environments where noise-free operation is a must.

Rugged Mini PC line features mini or ultra-mini form factor, durable yet sleek design, Tangent rugged mini computer models provide reliable, effective computing power in harsh environments.

Featuring Intel Core i Series CPU, up to 16GB DDR memory, legacy ports and
models with medical grade certification, Tangent rugged mini PCs are specifically
designed for demanding applications in industries, including
healthcare/medical facilities, manufacturing companies, and government/defense

The Rugged Mini S Series mini PC offers expansion capabilities to
meet your customization needs. Equipped with a full PCIe slot,
the Rugged Mini S functionality can be enhanced with the addition
of various expansion cards. Featuring 16GB DDR3 memory,
solid state drive, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, integrated WiFi
and optional Bluetooth, Rugged Mini S can help run your
mission-critical applications more efficiently.

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