VHM Series Overview

Our variable height mounting solution creates a versatile foundation for medical workstations and patient monitoring computers.

VHM-25 Counter
Top Mount

Tangent Arm Mount VHM-25 Counter Top Mount

VHM Series with
Medix 1700SF

Tangent Arm Mount VHM Series with Medix 1700SF

VHM Series

Tangent Arm Mount VHM Series Laptop

Tangent Arm Mount VHM Series Zero Gravity for Weightless Movement of Medical Devices

Zero Gravity

The VHM Series of mounting arms enables computers and medical devices to move weightlessly through a range of motion that can accommodate all point-of-care users, whether they are sitting or standing. In addition to their counterbalanced vertical movement, the VHM Series also can be laterally adjusted, tilted, and swiveled to ensure devices are positioned at the optimal viewing angle.

Tangent Arm Mount VHM Series Adaptable Mounting Solution

Adaptable Mounting Solution

The VHM Series of arms can be adapted to virtually any mounting situation found in a clinical setting: walls, counters, ceilings, architectural headwalls, poles, rails, anesthesia machines, and more. The VHM-36 can mount flat panel/keyboard workstations or larger medical devices. The more-compact VHM-25 mounts flat panel displays and smaller devices.


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