Educational institutions and state & local governments are increasingly challenged to provide funding for essential equipment and services. Tangent offers access to a range of solutions to help you fulfill these obligations - and achieve your financial objectives.

Tangent Can Help

Working closely with one of the leading providers of financial solutions to the public sector, Tangent can provide flexible and convenient financing alternatives with a customized leasing repayment schedule that matches your cash flow. And, if you choose to acquire equipment and services from various vendors, your financing is arranged with one simple master lease. This makes for even greater convenience when adding or upgrading equipment.

Public sector equipment lease programs are an economical alternative to traditional bond financing. Financing agreements, generally with terms from three to seven years, or longer, help you provide for year-to-year budgetary financing. They also let you pay for equipment over its useful life while avoiding the time and expense of bond issues.

With Tangent, you can arrange a full suite of financial alternatives tailored to the needs of the public sector. We offer you versatility with both the variety of solutions and the many different products and services we can finance, including: Desktops, Notebooks, Servers, Thin Client, Networks, Mobile, Wireless Classrooms, Monitors, Peripherals, Printers, Network Installations

We Understand Public Sector Financing

There is no "one size fits all" financing solution for the public sector. Each state, county, municipality, school district and school system is a sovereign entity with unique requirements and statutes. We recognize that contracts and financial structures must be sensitive to the procurement procedures and objectives of individual governments.

Leasing alternatives are based on a consultative approach, structuring the transaction to meet your needs, which may include deferred payments, uneven payments, progress payments, upgrade provisions and technology exchanges. We can help structure the leasing terms that best match your unique financing needs while maintaining your financial objectives.

Our staff can help manage the steps through the transaction life cycle from initial proposal through documentation and funding, and administration.

Financing Made Convenient

Tangent's job can begin with helping you structure your acquisition needs within your budget. We encourage you to contact us early in your evaluation process to discuss the different options available to best match your goals.

Pre-sales Support

At any time during your decision-making process, we invite you to contact us for rate/payment quotations and to discuss the various financing products that are available. This proactive pre-sale support allows you to take advantage of our experience in handling similar situations across the country, and enables us to advise you of approaches that others have successfully taken.

Documents Tailored to the Transaction

We believe documentation required for a $25,000.00 acquisition should not be the same as for a multi-million dollar transaction. Documentation tiers can streamline the acquisition process.

The Master Financing Agreement satisfies high activity, phase delivery and large scale acquisitions.

The Quick Release Package targets individual transactions of $250,000.00 and less.

The Snipout Package is developed for individual transactions of $25,000.00 and less.

Local and Contractual Requirements

Legal requirements differ from state to state. What may be the norm in one state may not apply in another. We understand that many states and local jurisdictions have instituted their own standard documentation packages. Recognizing this, standard packages are reviewed for compliance with the statutes of different states and political subdivisions within those states. We recognize that questions and issues may arise during your review and approval process.

If you have either a mandated Standard Document Package or an existing contract that you wish to use, we will work with you using your documents.

Completing the Transaction

Once the acquisition decision is finalized, a formal proposal will be submitted to you for your review and acceptance.

This proposal will outline all of the terms applicable to the structure proposed. Upon your acceptance of the proposal, we will proceed with transaction approval and expedite applicable documents for your execution and return. This allows us to process appropriate purchase orders so that the equipment can be ordered and delivered to your site.

Once the equipment is installed and ready for use, the signed Certificate of Acceptance begins your payment obligation.

Please feel free to contact your Tangent account representative for clarification and detail on any of the financing/leasing programs available to our public sector customers.


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