• Comprehensive Library of Microsoft Office, Windows Self-Help Guides
  • Easy to Use
  • Effective

Online Training

Online Training

Tangent Microsoft Certified Training is a comprehensive training solution with an easy-to-use library of self-help guides and online tours. Learn at your own pace with task-based short videos, available anytime, anywhere. Download Online Guides to learn what you need when you need it.

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Increase Productivity

Computers are essential but can present a challenge. With Windows® and Office® changing rapidly, it is crucial to implement an effective training tool to take full advantage of your technology resources. Help end-users become more productive and have fun while learning how to best utilize their Microsoft Office Suite.

The Tangent Microsoft Certified Training is an easy-to-use online tool with task-based, short, to-the-point video clips, available anytime, anywhere.


The simple-to-follow interface is easy to navigate and offers multiple options from which to choose.

  • Select a training module: Windows, Office, etc.
  • Choose a series based on your training needs.
  • Within each series, select a specific app and choose from its respective lessons.
  • Click on any lesson and watch the task-based video clip.
  • Video clips are short and to-the-point for a simple hands-on learning tool.
  • Download an ‘Online Guide’ as a handy resource for future use.

Windows training modules:

Office Training Modules:


  • Manage your online training time with the ‘Viewing Time’ feature.
  • Read a brief description of the lesson to make sure it’s what you are looking for.
  • Use ‘Search’ to quickly locate a specific lesson.

Track Your Progress

Take a self-quiz at the end of each section to pinpoint areas that may need more attention. Move at your own pace to learn what you need.

Complete an exam to prove your proficiency in any given topic.