Central Administration

Manage your VDI environment from any browser via a simple user interface. Monitor your VDI network performance.

Virtual Desktops

Deploy virtual desktops in 3 easy steps with golden images.

Golden Images

Easy to build and edit golden image templates. Update images from a central location and replicate automatically across your cluster. All processes made easy with helpful wizards.

Virtual Applications

Easy to deploy virtualized applications for users who do not need a full Windows desktop.

Automated Backup and Restore

Automated schedules back up golden images and desktops. Quickly restore backups whenever needed.

Failover and Clustering

Scales easily through the N+1 model. Nodes can be clustered without shared storage to provide a high availability environment.

Load Balancing

Balance connection and desktop loads between all nodes in the cluster.

ICE Portal

One-click via any browser, to access virtual desktops, applications, and cloud storage. Customize your portal to maximize productivity.


Download the ICE VDI software to set up your virtual desktops, or purchase the ICE VDI appliance for plug and play VDI with self-contained storage and networking.

ICE VDI Appliance

There are three ICE appliance models. Plug & Play, and easy to setup for quick deployment.

  • Supports 10, 50 and 100 users
  • Plug and Play
  • Self-Contained Storage
  • Supports Clustering and Load Balancing
  • Factory Preconfigured
ICE VDI Appiances
Clustering and Scalability

Cluster VDI appliances to increase availability, reliability and scalability. Dynamic load balancing across the VMs ensures consistent availability across the VDI environment. Automated Golden Image replication reduces administrative tasks.

Clustering and Scalability
  • Golden Image Replication
  • Smart Load Balancing
    • Least Load
    • RemoteFX Affinity
  • Shared-Nothing Clustering
  • Master Node Failover
  • N+1 Model: Add Nodes to Scale

ICE makes it easy to implement your BYOD initiatives. Supports existing workstations, mobile devices, or thin clients running on all the popular Operating Systems, including Windows, Java, Linux, Chrome, iOS, and Android.

Existing Workstations

Existing Workstations


Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices


Thin Clients

Thin Clients

Linux (Z400)

Centralized Management

Perform IT administrative tasks across the VDI environment from one central console. Start and restart VMs, update Golden Images, and manage user’s VDI connections.

  • Centralized Administration
  • VDI Performance Dashboard
  • VM Management
  • Virtual Applications
  • Backup / Restore
  • Cluster Management
Centralized Management

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