• Medix C19 Medical Computer, IP65 Front Panel

    Medix C19
    19" Medical Computer
    IP65 Front Panel

  • Medix C19 Medical Computer with true-flat front panel

    Medix C19
    PCAP Touch
    True-Flat Front Panel
    VESA Mount

Medical Computer Features

19" medical grade computer features the Intel 6th Gen Core i5 processor, PCAP multi-touch, IP65 front panel, IPX1 enclosure, and an antimicrobial surface. Multiple I/O ports include four USB, two serial, two LANs, one DVI-D, and one DisplayPort. One PCIe x16 and two mini PCIe expansion slots add versatility. With standard VESA mounting, C19 can be installed on carts, arms, or used with the optional stand as a desktop device. Features include TPM 1.2 and 2.0 support. Options, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, internal UPS battery, camera, and vPro support enhance functionality.

Tangent Medix C19 Medical PC with Core i5 Processor

Intel 6th Gen Core i5

Fast and responsive, ready for performance and multi-tasking.

IP65 Front Panel

Can be sprayed and wiped clean without damaging the internals.

Tangent Medix T19B 19 Inch Medical PC with antimicrobial Enclosure


Factory treated with an antimicrobial additive to battle surface contamination.

VESA Mounting

Can be mounted to an arm or point-of-care cart.

Optional WiFi

Wireless connection optional.

Optional Camera

1.3 Mpixel with microphone.

60601 Certified

Medical grade 60601 certification means:

  • Screen is sealed against water and dust intrusion and can be sprayed with cleaning fluids such as isopropyl alcohol with no worry of damaging the screen.
  • Casing & Screen has antimicrobial material which prevents germs from growing, lowering patient infection rates. Proper cleaning helps prevent MRSA, CDIFF, and Hepatitis from growing and spreading from patient to patient.
  • Unit is protected from electrical frequency leakage making it safe to be used in close proximity to a patient.
  • Unit is shielded and will not interfere with other sensitive medical equipment. Unit is designed to work in a 24 hour, 7 Day a Week environment. You don't need an isolation transformer, since the computers are already 60601 certified.
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