Fail-Safe, and Secure

Upstream maintains redundant Network Operations Centers across the United States.

  • Security: Multi-layer security control procedures, biometric palm readers, and 24/7 closed-circuit video and alarm monitoring.
  • Power: Uninterruptible redundant AC and DC power solutions.
  • Cooling: HVAC redundant design with air distribution under raised flooring for maximum temperature control.
  • Fire Suppression: Smoke detection system above and below raised floor.

Quick Setup and Deployment

  • Spam Filtering is set up with a simple change to the customer’s MX record that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • There is no hardware or software to buy.
  • No disruption to the customer’s email service.

Administrative Control & Reports

Configure email security policy per user.Flexible quarantine rules and custom filter settings.

  • Set spam policies on a per domain basis.
  • Provide end-user white / black lists.
  • Send daily / weekly quarantine box reports.
  • Set up global quarantine email box (disables personal boxes).

Network Performance, Reliability, and Scalability

  • High capacity, scalable peering interconnections.
  • 99% network availability, average latency of 40 milliseconds or less.
  • Less than .05% packet loss.
  • Accessible via all Internet Gateways, EPOPs, ATM and Frame Relay access points.

Rapid Response

  • Customers’ calls and concerns are quickly addressed by a live support engineer.
  • Upstream technical staff provides hands-on support, available 24/7.

Spam Detection

  • Advanced detection filters provide accurate spam blocking with low false positives.
  • Continuous updates of spammer IP addresses.
  • Spam updates are automatically downloaded and monitored 24/7.
  • Anti-spoofing prevents “spoofed” sender addresses.
  • Anti-phishing stops attempts to steal confidential information.
  • Anti-spyware stops attachments w/ spyware executables.

Built-in Virus Protection

  • Real-time anti-virus protection with three powerful layers of virus scanning.
  • New virus definitions are automatically updated.
  • 24-Hour virus scanning maintains up-to-date protection against email-borne viruses.


UpStream Spam Filtering uses 11 layers of technology to stop spam and email-borne viruses before they reach your network.

Daily / hourly updates for the very best protection
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Technology includes:

Blacklisting maintains up-to-date lists of known spammers, compiled from anti-spam databases. This list grows daily and is updated automatically for each customer.
Keyword scanning methods include scoring systems for emails based on multiple criteria. If the email score exceeds defined thresholds, it is flagged as spam. We constantly monitor and update our keywords’ master library so you don’t have to.
Checksum technology tracks the number of times a particular message has appeared. If the message frequency exceeds threshold, it is blocked as spam.
Message authenticity check uses multiple algorithms to verify authenticity of a message. Some are simple checks such as “from address,” and others are more complex, relating to SMTP protocol.
Blacklists / Whitelists include Domains, IP’s, and email addresses that the customer wants Blacklisted or Whitelisted. Lists are maintained per user and per domain.
Rate controls are used to stop denial of service attacks and other service attacks.

Antivirus Technology includes:

Anti-virus protection is a built-in feature of Upstream Spam Filtering. Updates are posted hourly to ensure the latest virus definitions are in place.
File type attachment blocking stops known malicious file types, such as VB script, from entering your network through emails. Attachments are also scanned using the built-in anti-virus protection.


Q: What is an MX Record? An MX Record or "Mail Exchange" record tells mail servers around the world where to point your Domain Names mail to. An MX Record is always located on your primary DNS (domain name service) server which is located at your site, an ISP, a Hosting Company, your District site or at your centralized State Agency.

Q: How do I change my MX Record? Your domain administrator is able to modify your DNS server MX records. Upstream engineers are available to assist your domain administrator in making the change.

Q: How do users contact Upstream for support? Upstream Spam Filtering comes with toll-free Technical Support. Just call Upstream’s Support Team at (888) 826-4368 Monday-Friday, 6 AM-5 PM (PST) or email us at support@tcnoc.com.

Q: What notifications will you send to our email users? Initially, your users will receive no messages from us at all. Upstream Spam Filtering is a transparent filtering service. Besides seeing a huge reduction in inbox Spam, your users will see two changes in their email.
Email messages identified by Upstream Spam Filtering as probable Spam, but not 100% sure Spam, are delivered to the user inbox with [BULK] or [QUAR] prefixed to the subject line. [QUAR] messages score a higher Spam probability than [BULK] messages.

Q: How do users configure personal settings? Users have the OPTION of logging into the server and managing personal settings for their user account. Each user can create custom white and black lists, turn on/off spam filtering and enable / disable Quarantine. Quarantine ENABLED causes quarantined mail to not be delivered to their inbox. It is stored on our server in a password protected area where the user can retrieve it at their leisure. Each user receives daily or weekly notices (their choice) that they have Quarantined email to be reviewed.
Most users prefer to receive their [QUAR] mail in their inbox, and not have it stored for later retrieval.
Adding a simple filter to your email reader to store [BULK] and [QUAR] flagged messages to a separate folder is an easy and effective way to manage these messages for later review when time permits.

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