Mike Zabaneh

Mike Zabaneh

Chief Operations Officer

Mike Zabaneh is co-founder and distinguished Chief Operations Officer at Tangent Computer Inc. Having co-founded Tangent in 1989, Mike has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to pioneering cutting-edge products and services for the healthcare and industrial markets.

As COO, Mike plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless and efficient functioning of Tangent's diverse departments and divisions. Mike spearheads the development of company initiatives, implements operational strategies, and monitors performance metrics to ensure the achievement of company objectives.

Under Mike's strategic leadership, Tangent has fostered strong partnerships with industry leaders in various sectors, including the food supply industry, automobile manufacturers, and food-chain establishments. Tangent has distinguished partnerships government institutions such as correctional facilities, military branches, cities, and school districts, while simultaneously fostering partnerships with public and private hospitals, surgical offices, specialty labs, and clinics in the medical sector. With his astute knowledge of global markets, Tangent has expanded its reach to include North America, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Mike's unwavering dedication to excellence and his commitment to delivering innovative solutions has played a significant role in Tangent's sustained success and emergence as a leading global enterprise.


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