Content Filtering

WebHawk filters automatically block inappropriate websites based on the categorizations you define. Webhawk also monitors all user web activity. In addition to the automatic filter rules, administrators can define customized white and black lists per desktop, IP range or user/group. WebHawk's URL database of over 350- million scanned websites is comprehensive and growing.

Active Directory Connector

WebHawk's Directory Connector is designed to leverage your Microsoft Active Directory server to simplify policy management and enrich reporting. Directory Connector can be used for:

  • Enforcing policy, such as web content restrictions, by user name and by group name
  • Leverages existing Active Directory deployments
  • Authenticate by Directory Connector username
  • Reporting by Directory Connector username

Policy Manager

Policy Manager enables administrators to fine tune network privileges. Policy Manager's intuitive GUI makes it easy for
administrators to:

  • Create filtering policies by username
  • Create filtering policies by time or day of the week
  • More easily manage and automate multiple Internet usage policies across organizations

Multiple On-Premise Deployment

WebHawk can be deployed via On-Premise as a software or virtual appliance through web proxy or transparent proxy.

Cloud Filtering Option Available

WebHawk can be used as a cloud based solution:

  • Can easily be setup as your primary DNS.
  • User friendly cloud based administration.
  • 99.9% Uptime

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Q: Why is WebHawk so inexpensive? Websense and Sonicwall profit margins range from 71% to 84% as reported in their 10K filings. Our business model does not require that we operate on such high gross margins. Webhawk is a great solution at a fair price.

Q: Do I need to install any software on my existing servers or workstations? No, WebHawk operates at a network level thus having no need to install software on individual pcs to filter.

Q: Can I buy WebHawk without any appliance? Yes, we offer .ISO of the software or a VMWare image as well.

Q: How does WebHawk know what websites to block as unacceptable? WebHawk monitors traffic as it's passed through it and will block/allow accordingly based on the created policies which can be linked to Active Directory User/Group or IP Address.

WebHawk Technology and Features:

  • WebHawk can act as a Cloud, Proxy or Transparent proxy with WCCP solutions.
  • Simplified reporting removes the "noise" and gives you just the domains of the sites your users are visiting.
  • Easy to use web interface for quick setup.
  • Simple Bandwidth Management allowing you to limit known bandwidth abusers.
  • Easy active directory integration for creating separate policies based on your users and groups.
  • Quick Global Whitelist and Blacklist for blocking or allowing sites across all users.

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