Advanced Archiving / Storage & Custom Retention Policy

  • Archives all incoming, outgoing and internal emails.
  • Indexes attachments for searchability, including text, word, excel, and pdf files.
  • Customizable retention rules for tiered retention policies.
  • 256 bit AES encryption of all email.
  • Deduplication of attachments.
  • Supports Envelope Journaling .

Simple to Use and Manage

  • Flexible user role definitions.
  • Active Directory or LDAP integration for end-user or admin access.
  • Built-in local account management for end-user or admin access.
  • Permit or restrict employee access to their own emails.
  • Easy access to archived emails through web interface.
  • View, export and print and/or delete emails in bulk; restore emails in bulk.

Audit Features and Archival Integrity

  • Comprehensive audit trail and system logging.
  • Add ‘legal hold’ to emails.
  • Schedule automated searches that will routinely tag new emails with a ‘legal hold’.
  • Identifies and reports results to meet specified criteria (inappropriate emails, violations of Terms of Service, harassment, etc).


  • Installation takes less than 30 minutes.
  • DataCove Integrates with Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to 2016, LotusNotes, Groupwise, Office 365, Google Apps, Apple OS X Mail Server, Kerio Mail Server, Sendmail, Qmail, iMail, and MDaemon.
  • Accepts SMTP traffic for archival, retrieves emails from POP servers, fetches emails from IMAP servers.
  • Provides simultaneous storage of emails from multiple exchange servers.
  • Directly imports existing emails from MS Exchange server or legacy emails from PST files.

Advanced Search

  • Fast, comprehensive, and advanced search capabilities. Federated search.
  • Search email addresses contained in To, From, or CC.
  • Search for words or sentences in email body, subject line, header or attachment.
  • Run fuzzy searches to find misspelled words.
  • Search queries save and restore.
  • Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 client integration for search restoration of archived emails
  • Archive Microsoft Contacts. Search and retriev old, deleted or infrequently used Contacts.
Implement an easy to use archiving plan that best suits your internal, regulatory and compliance needs.
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Test Drive the DataCove Email Archiving Calculator. Estimate the DataCove solution that best suits your organization's archiving requirements.

Email Archiving Capacity Calculator

Number of Email Accounts  
How many years of email do you want to archive  
Average number of emails per day, per account  
Average size (in KB) of a single email  

DataCove email archiving appliances come in six models to allow organizations to meet eDiscovery regulatory requirements with a cost-effective solution.

Call 1.888.TANGENT or Email: sales@tangent.com

DataCove Email Archiving Appliance Models

Models DataCove T1 DataCove T2 DataCove T4 DataCove T6 DataCove T8 DataCove T12
Users Up to 400 Up to 750 Up to 1250 Up to 1800 Up to 2500 Up to 4500
Chassis 1U 1U 2U 2U 2U 2U
Storage Capacity 1 TB, RAID 1 2 TB, RAID 1 4 TB, RAID 10 6 TB, RAID 10 8 TB, RAID 10 12 TB, RAID 10
Encryption 256 bit AES 256 bit AES 256 bit AES 256 bit AES 256 bit AES 256 bit AES
Active Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hot Swap Disks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Redundant Power No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup Storage Internal HDD Internal HDD Optional Ext. Drive Optional Ext. Drive Optional Ext. Drive Optional Ext. Drive
Messaging Intelligence Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
SSD Caching No No Optional Optional Optional Optional
Dimensions 17.2"x1.7"x19.8" 17.2"x1.7"x19.8" 17.2"x3.5"x25.5" 17.2"x3.5"x25.5" 17.2"x5.2"x25.5" 17.2"x5.2"x25.5"
Weight 30 lb 30 lb 42 lb 38 lb 42 lb 56 lb
Support & Maintanance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Yr part & Labor, Return to Depot 1-Yr part & Labor, Return to Depot 1-Yr part & Labor, Return to Depot 1-Yr part & Labor, Return to Depot 1-Yr part & Labor, Return to Depot 1-Yr part & Labor, Return to Depot

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